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The dream is to someday turn on the radio and hear a song with lyrics I have written. The goal is to be a published and professional lyricist. To accomplish that goal I need composers to collaborate with and I'm always interested in finding new collaborators (even lyricists); if you're interested, send an e-mail to jonny@zetterstrom.net.

Most of the lyrics I have written during the last year have been especially for Ron & Julie, a rock opera I'm involved in (script and lyrics).

Left On the Shore
Lightning strikes at me
I hear the thunder roar
You're sailing the sea
And I'm left on the shore

Summer Turned To Fall
Did I not
Mean a thing at all?
Summer turned to fall
To fall

You Say
You say I won't listen
You say I'm either on or off
You say it's my fault
when I walk away...

Stay for just one more night
Kiss me in the moonlight
I need to be held oh so tight
Please promise to stay
Can't let you walk away

Thousand Reasons
For I have one thousand reasons
One thousand ways to make it right
And there'll be one thousand angels
Looking after you tonight

This Night
When the deepest oceans have dried out
I still drown in your eyes
When the sun has finally burned out
The sun in you will rise

Brand New Day
The news spread with the wind
The terror was going away
The war was finally over
And tomorrow is a brand new day
Tomorrow is a brand new day

I Went From Loving You
You were whispers in my darkness
You were voices in my head
And I went from loving you
To wishing you'd be dead
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