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July 10, 2007
Your Poems Are Like Watching Winter Turn To Spring

In your words I see myself; they are my life, or at least its reflection
In every poetic sentence built of words, twisted and turned for perfection,
I find fragments of my inner thoughts and hopes and dreams
And, just like you, I know that nothing is what it seems

In every word you write is left a piece of you; but still you're intact
You don't write about yourself and I know that for a fact
The things and persons you write about are made up and untrue
But through every word you write and send I get to know a bit more of you

Like every beam of sunlight makes the day and night exactly what they are
Every little thing you write lights a bright and shining star
You are talented and gifted, special in each and every way
Every syllable or word you write is what makes my day

You let loose every feeling and emotion that's been trapped deep down inside
Your words give me shelter and show me that I no longer have to hide
Your wits and your intelligence can be traced in each and every word
Your poems are the most beautiful thing I have ever heard

A poem can show almost everything if you manage to read between the lines
You can find the person if you're not blinded by the sentences that shines
They are beautiful but meaningless; yet they mean everything
Your poems are like watching winter turn to spring

Jonny Zetterström

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