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What Is Truth?

Jonny Zetterström

What is truth? If I would ask anyone I would get an answer like, it's reality, it's true, it's real fact, it's the opposite of lies. But I won't really get a good answer. And why is that?

It's because there is no truth, not the real truth. In the good old days at least a photography was real and true, but it's not anymore. Most of todays pictures are edited, one way or an other.

And what is really a fact. Is a fact true? Some, or maybe a lot of, years ago it was a fact that the earth was flat, just like a panncake and it was in the middle of the universe. Everything used to circle around the earth, or Tellus if you'd like to call it that, but it isn't doing that anymore. Suddenly the Earth became a planet, in a solarsystem with lot's of other planets, circeling around the sun. And the stars suddenly weren't a hole in the big blue thing called sky. Instead they became giant balls of gas burning (great balls of fire?:-)thousands of miles away and each and every one of them was a part of something called a galaxy. And there where lot's of other galaxys than the one we live in, which is called the milkyway.

Facts can change when they aren't true. But how can we be sure that it is more correct the new way, at least the old fact usually has been a fact for several years.

But the most strange thing today is our society. I mean it's puerly build up on lies. Name a politican that doesn't lie? You can think for hours and not find anyone, why? It is impossible, they do not exist. 'Cause people don't want to hear the truth; if it's good, the politicans talk you into beliving it's real bad. And even though they know that it is impossible to make it better, they still claim that they can do it.

And the most lying country, at least of the contries which are supposed to be open countries, is the United States of America. There is a great, great cover-up. Too many things are classified, like wether aliens exist or not. At least there is people claming that the government of the USA has caught several aliens.

And what about space? I mean, did man go to moon or not? Did Neil Armstrong, as the first human, put his feet on the moon, saying "One small step for man, one giant leap for man kind?". Some people claim that it never happend that what millions and yet millions of people saw on TV, was just a big fake. National American Space Administration needed more money, they say, and USA needed to show the Russians that they we're greater, so they just went to a studio and recorded everything there. I don't know wether it's the truth or not. But as long as the truth doesn't exist it just can't be the truth.

This is, as I see it, the greatest problem in our society. Some times I even wonder why people bother when everything is a lie anyway (or at least most of it). The big question is wether it would be better if the society was based on the truth instead of the lie.

And is this true. Have I really written this? Are you really reading this? Are we really humans? Can we realy communicate with each other? Does Internet, medias favorite topic these days, exist? Or is it all just imagination? Nobody knows.

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